Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stephen Mann and Brush Art 4 Kids

Stephen Mann spent the day with a group of budding child artists at Brush Art 4 Kids, a branch of If u like ART, a great art studio in Manly run by Daphne Katos. The event was called: 'Paint with a Local Artist'. The subject matter was Shelly Beach.

Stephen began the class by using the white board to sketch out and explain the composition, balance and anatomy of the painting. Stephen then asked the children to mix mauve and white to create a lighter mauve colour and this was used to paint an outline on the canvas. One student asked why the mauve should be used. Stephen mentioned that this was because mauve mixes with every other colour. Stephen explained step by step how to do the sky, clouds, rocks, beach, water and people. The children used a range of paint brush sizes and learnt how to use complimentary colours and successfully create shadows in the correct direction depending on the source of the light.

The children were encouraged to ask questions and were invited to gather around Stephen's canvas to learn particular techniques.

The end results were quite amazing as you can see. Every child left with a beautiful, completed canvas and extremely proud parents.

Yours in Painting!

Contact:Daphne Katos
Art Director
If u like ART studio
Address:Shop 2, 200 Pittwater Road,
Manly NSW 2095
Phone:0409 569 483

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Stephen Mann on Location at Dee Why

Stephen Mann out on location at Dee Why

Stephen Mann is an award-winning artist located on the Northern Beaches. This is Stephen Mann out on location at Dee Why painting a beautiful beach scene on a glorious summer day. Stephen Mann is s gifted artist and instructor and has a passion for teaching all he has learnt. If you would like to join Stephen Mann on location, view the course schedule on www.stephenmannart.com.au.

Stephen's work is displayed in several local galleries and his work is now available in print on canvas and on fine art paper.

Visit the Stephen Mann Art Website: www.stephenmannart.com.au.

Stephen Mann, award-winning artist on the Northern Beaches

Stephen Mann is a multi award-winning landscape artist with over 35 years experience painting on location along the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia, capturing scenes of tranquil beauty. 

Stephen works in all media and is best known for his landscape works in oils and watercolour.

Stephen is a master in working with oils and pallet knife technique using a selection of complimentary colours. Each piece of work composes life, movement, history, originality, atmosphere, balance and composition. 

Stephen’s passion is to share the techniques he has learnt while painting over the years and is a gifted instructor to anyone who wants to learn about painting from the novice right through to the accomplished artist.

Stephen instructs both indoor and outdoor art classes on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and also shares his knowledge and experience in a 3.5 hour DVD as he paints a masterpiece of epic proportions on location in Little Manly, just outside of Sydney. This beautifully produced DVD contains a lifetime of tips and tricks that show you how you too can make your own masterpiece.

Visit the Stephen Mann Art Website: www.stephenmannart.com.au.